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Hi guys

I just inherited a 98 STS with 8000 miles on the odo.

First question: The coolant is original and tho low milage is over 5 years old. Should I flush and replace and if so use a chemical flush or plain water?

#2 The AC blower has a deep rumble. Is it motor bearings or should I check for an unbalanced cage. Can this be checked from the interior or the engine compartment. I've checked the firewall and didnt see a familiar blower hump.

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The coolant: I would replace it. If it's an early 98 that means the stuff is almost 8 years old at this point. I would drai it. I'm a little weary about these rigs that flushes fluids.

For the fan noise, it could be a bearing. After all only 8000 miles for a 6-8 year old car it has obviously done a lot of sitting. Also, be on the lookout for small fluid leaks popping up. Sitting for long periods has been known be tough on gaskets and seals.

Enjoy your new car! They're nice rides.


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Buy some DexCool, distilled water, and some Bar's Leaks golden seal in the tube.

Drain the original coolant and put a tube of Bar's Leaks golden seal (or the GM sealant pellets) into the LOWER radiator hose. Refill the system with Dexcool mixed 50/50 with distilled water. Start the engine and rev it a few times to purge air from the pump and fill the surge tank to within 1-1/2" from the top and you're done.

Flushes and flush chemicals are not really necessary. Flushing will introduce minerals into the system and it will be difficult to get the concentration correct afterwords. Just drain and refill and you're good for another five years.

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