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Restoring a Liberty Cadillac

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GARDINER -- Antique car buff Marc Lassen, who in 2006 was casually surfing the Web for a 1929 Cadillac taillight, stumbled upon a big discovery.

Lassen, a Gardiner resident, found the last surviving World War I Liberty Cadillac, he said, and since 2006 has uncovered a fascinating history he painstakingly researched and relentlessly documented.

His grand disclosure has since caught the attention of General Motors Heritage Center, the Smithsonian Institution and national war history museums, he said.

Seeing it almost as a patriotic mission for his country, Lassen said, "My goal is to preserve it and be its custodian for as long as I can."

Read More: http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20100530/news/305309990/gardiner-classic-car-buff-restoring-unique-world-war-i-cadillac

Website: http://www.libertycadillac.com/


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