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Movie trivia :Silvios car ( The Sopranos)

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I thought Paulie drove the Eldo. I don't remember "Miami Steve" driving one. What color is it? Whenever I see Bruce Springstein and company, I can't forget the "Wise Guy" is playing with them now that I've watched the Sopranos...


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Early on in the series, Paulie was driving a gold '96 SLS, IIRC. I seem to recall Silvio driving a 92-97 Seville (not sure which variant), but I could be wrong.

Furio drove a sweet DTS too..


-Mark P.

Salem, MA

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A Eldo for sure !

Bigger question: What happened to Paulies Deville after the "Pine Barrens" episode?

I think Paulies Deville was taken by the russian,Paulie and Christopher tried to kill him in the Pine Barrens, but just winged him and never found the body.

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