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CTS Sport Wagon vs SRX: A matter of Age of the Buyer?

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After testing the CTS Sport Wagon and the SRX back to back the Washington Post had this comment: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/27/AR2010022701083.html

People loved the CTS Sport Wagon for its sharp styling inside and out, its precise road manners, its utility. But the younger they were, the less they liked it.


"Because my parents drove a wagon," was the usual response.

So what?

"My parents, you know. I'm not my parents.

The SRX is a run-away best seller, while the CTS family sales are steady or down. Cadillac's sales goals for the CTS Sport Wagon were not huge, and because it is made in the flexible assembly facility at LGR it is easy to make a desired mix of Sedans vs Sport Wagons (and soon vs Coupes) one would suppose. It would be nice to have people 'discover' the Sport Wagon just as they have the SRX. But it may make more sense to simply expand the SRX offerings to include an upmarket model.


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You know... that writer may have a very valid point about the CTS Sport Wagon vs the SRX.

I like the looks of the new CTS Sport Wagon.

I "DO" like the looks of the previous SRX.

I "DON'T" like the looks of the new SRX.

It is too short and dumpy to be a Cadillac.

Maybe it "IS" an age thing. :D

You know "MY" age. :D

I have not driven the Sport Wagon or the new SRX... YET.

I plan to, before long.

I did have a 2007 SRX for a couple of days as a loaner... put about 300 miles on it.

I liked it pretty well.

It was a little underpowered, and didn't get very good fuel mileage, but I did like the ride, and the way it drove.

As usual... just my opinions.

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