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Hi,My 1st post here.I have an 05 STS V6 and back in late 09 the check engine light came on and off course my wife got frantic.

I carried it to the dealer and after several hours they told me they reset the system and if it came back on they would have to look further.(they had to call GM tech services to figure out what they needed to do to turn off light,yea sounded strange to me also)I left and drove maybe 5 miles and the light came back on.I returned to the dealer and they responded it must have a short in the cam positioning sensor. I left the car with them and got a call the next day telling me the timing chain and tensioners needed to be replaced.Thsy told me to drive it till the parts came in (9 weeks later ) they called and said to bring it in that the parts were there.They replaced everything and it seemed to be fine, no lights ,alarms etc.I am guessing that my wife put no more than 3500 - 4000 miles on it.The light came back on yesterday so I returned it and talked to service writer and I also had a fan noise for heated seat as well and asked for it to be fixed ( warranty running out)They call me back and said the timing chain needs to be replaced and I said "again!" he said that they had done 2 timing chain jobs last week on the same thing.

Can anyone tell me if they have a recall or something on this issue as I can't afford this type repair repeatedly after warranty expires.Do I need to get regional manaher involved? HELP............

Do they have a recall or bulletin anything on this or am I the only one with this type problem.The cars gets maintained at regular intervals just as it is suppose to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I would call the regional manager and see why this is happening. We have heard of timing chain issues, but we were under the impression that once it was fixed, it was done and over with. It is shocking that your timing chains need replacing again.

Keep all of your papers, and maintenance records for this problem in case it goes again, it should not be your responsibility if it happened again, it sounds like a problem.

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I recall some issue with timing chains on the SRX but I thought it was addressed and corrected in 05/06. Odd you should have it replaced in 09/10 and still have the issue. Can you give more info on the time frame for repairs?

Update: The problem I was thinking of happened on 07s; Cadillac had updated the timing chain design to make it more quiet, and got some bad parts from the chain vendor that tended to stretch. They then had to replace the replacements. Should not have been a problem on the 05, although I suppose if you got it 'fixed' in 07/08 then the 'fixed' chain(s) could need replacement.


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