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Its been a year,

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I have not posted here in a while. I have stayed away from politics as much as I could. In the lead up to the election and during the campaign we had lots of information and analysis here regarding the candidates and issues. After the election, I was stunned, that we as a nation could elect the most inexperienced, most left voter in the senate, with very questionable associations and who made extremely racist statements during the campaign and in his writings and interviews. After the election, the howl from the victors was, give him a chance, I think we have given this administration a chance, I received this in an email today, its from Texas. I am not sure how long it will be up before some sort of pressure takes it down, but it made me feel good

I love Texas


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Congress is nothing but a bunch of arrogant thugs who have betrayed every principle upon which our nation was founded. But since Democrats were given a chance and instead of using it to prove the Democrat Party is the party of the people, they instead spit in our eye!

It's time for a change alright!

It's time to throw every sniveling, back stabbing, conniving, bribe-taking, trader Democrat out of office--And liberal Republicans too!

It's time to vote for Ronald Reagan Republicans!

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....It's time to vote for Ronald Reagan Republicans!

Now that is encouraging coming from a NJ voter. Continue to spread the truth in your congressional district!!

I agree with and support your position. My congressional district (GA 3rd) is solidly held by a Republican (Westmoreland) and both of the GA US Senators are Republicans. Plus GA did not endorse the current occupant of the White House in 2008.

Short of moving to NJ (unlikely), what else can I do??


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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