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Blog Post: Re: Cadillac killed the Electric Car (in 1912 with the electric starter)

Bruce Nunnally

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The National Post has an interesting article Cadillac killed the electric car explaining a popular theory that the electric car originally lost out to its gasoline competitor once Cadillac developed the electric starter.  Although I like the logic of this also, by 1912 when Cadillac created the electric starter I believe that the gas powered [...]

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The story I have heard about the electric starter..

Back in the day, a hand crank was used to turn over the engine to start. Thats fine, as long as the engine does not backfire.

Injuries from trying to hand crank engines were common.

A close friend of Charles Kettering, broke his arm while trying to hand crank a engine.

The close friend ended up dying from the arm injury and infection.

Hence, Kettering efforts in designing a solution to the problem. The electrical starter.

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