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Reuss' address to Automotive News World Congress

Bruce Nunnally

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We’ve stripped the business down to the chassis, and now we’re re-building it into the company that we, and you, and our customers want and need us to be.

Our new vision for GM is simple: Design, build, and sell the world’s best vehicles. And everything we do, as individual employees and as a company, is being re-evaluated now on its ability to support this simple vision.

Fundamental excellence in product and service for the customer must be our overriding goal – and it is.

Read more: http://www.business-journal.com/default.as...nal&he=.com

Over the holidays, I drove my son to what used to be Buick City in Flint.

My son won’t ever see where I started work.

My son won’t ever see where his grandfather ran Buick.

All that is left of Buick City are some rusty overhead conveyors that used to ship bodies to marriage. It is an eerie reminder of how the U.S. manufacturing base has changed.

My son asked me: “Why did this happen, Dad?” I sat silent on Hamilton Street.

Was it because unions and management could not work together? Maybe.

Was it because we made cars that people no longer wanted? Maybe.

I finally turned to my son and said: “This happened because we could not compete.”

I never thought those words would come from my mouth.

This job is spiritual for me – as an employee, an American, and an engineer!

But today, GM can and will compete!

We have the opportunity of a lifetime, and we have the will to win!

The chains are broken. We are free!


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The next chain that GM needs to break is the Government overruling their cost-cutting measures due to political opposition to closing plants, etc. If they pay back the $3.6B liquid debt and even *start* on the $50B bailout loans, that should do it. Current projections are for this to happen in the next several months.

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