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Radio in '98 Deville

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I bought this car from the original owner and it is in immaculate condition, drives and looks like new. Added

a cd changer in the trunk, a new Delco 6 Disk Unit. The cd changer and radio have been playing fine, until one day last week when the radio would not come on after starting the car. The clock is operating in the display area as well as the display 1H in the radio station display area.

Any clue as to what's going on? All power accessories are working including the automatic power antenna.

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likely the unit has failed, fairly common to the 96-1998 models, unfortunately, BOSE or non BOSE, theftlock or no,

I have a stereo for sale, with bose subsystem. no theftlock. Would sell for a great deal, nearmint


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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We have seen this before. Disconnect the negative ground on the battery, wait 10 seconds, then re-attach the ground. (ground so you don't shock yourself removing the + cable & hitting a fender with a metal wrench). while you are at it, remove the + , and separate & clean the cable contacts (inside, out & between). seems intermitant current causes the radio's to just shut down. The battery fix might fix the radio, and save you some other issues down the road if the terminals are indeed dirty. remembter to reconnect the + first, then the - last.

Good luck.

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