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  1. My Deville has 214,000 miles, but looks like new inside and out. I am the second owner and am interested in knowing if anyone has knowledge of how many miles these engines will last. I have heard of 500,000 miles or more but can't comment on credibility of source.If anyone has firsthand knowledge, please let me know. I want to keep this car forever!
  2. Only suggestion I have is NOT to use anything on the painted part of the wheels that you would not use on the paint of the car. NEVER use any kind of rubbing metal polish, as it will polich the chrome off the wheels and instead of chrome wheels, you will have nickel wheels (that do not complement the car as much as shinny mirror chrome). ALSO, don't use any kind of abrasive pad in the "spokes" either. If the paint is removed, you will start to get pitting over time in there. I have used a very small amount of goo-gone on a white towel and after cleaning a single "spoke" section, observed it took the accumulation of brake dust & grime off the wheel without removing the paint. (be careful you don't see any grey paint on the towel) after you are satisfied with your results on the entire wheel, apply a coat of wax, and a more periodic cleaning will be necessary so you can just use a soapy solution to keep your wheels sparkling. Thanks for the tip. it so happens I have some Goo-Gone in my garage that I purchased for another purpose, will give it a try and let you know the results
  3. After repeated attempts to get my chrome rims clean at a local commercial car wash who advertises a process called "Wheel Bright", brake dust is there. Any suggestions as to what I can do. Perhaps someone knows of a good commercial product I can use at home, or maybe a good "home remedy" solvent. Help!
  4. I bought this car from the original owner and it is in immaculate condition, drives and looks like new. Added a cd changer in the trunk, a new Delco 6 Disk Unit. The cd changer and radio have been playing fine, until one day last week when the radio would not come on after starting the car. The clock is operating in the display area as well as the display 1H in the radio station display area. Any clue as to what's going on? All power accessories are working including the automatic power antenna.
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