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1988 Sedan DeVille Broken Driver's Seat

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My driver's seat has decided to become a recliner. Any salvage yard will have a seat that has been exposed to the elements (if I can find one). Mine is blue with thin white stripes. Any ideas? Buy a junked one and have my upholstery put on it, can mine be repaired?, any sites sell something this old without me having to take out a new mortgage? Any response would be appriciated. stankathy@hotmail.com

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You might also check our ebay parts car subforum here: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showforum=45

It doesn't show up in the 'View New Posts' search because it would flood the search, but reflects cars posted on ebay as parts cars. That could be a good source for a whole seat (or a whole car, take out the seat, resell the rest)


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It is possible the existing seat can be repaired - you'll need to take it out and apart to see what the damage is. It may be possible to buy a seat from a junkyard and install your upholstery on the junkyard frame but if it were my car, I'd see if I could fix the existing seat first.

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Is it able to recline any further but then just clicks when you try and bring it up?

I was able to repair mine on my 87. I was able to get a new motor from a salvage yard for $8 (mine was clicking in both directions) and then just put the guides back onto the tracks.

Hardest part is squeezing the seat out of the door... Back door is almost your only option depending on the shape of the busted seat.

The mechanical under the seat is straight forward and an easy fix IF you can find the rare parts you may need.

Hopefully its just a runner or guide that came off the track.

A trick I did before I fixed it was I would get all my weight onto to front of the seat and then recline all the way back as far as it would go, and then try and bring the seat back up with patience and steady persuasion.

Takes some playing around to get successful but it worked for me until I could fix it properly. Just be mindful to not touch the controls once its up or you'll be kicking yourself like I did so many times.

Hope this helps.

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