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During my trunk exploration, WTF is this?


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The "mystery device" that you are concerned about is a GPS antenna, probably the one for the OnStar system, if your vehicle is equipped with OnStar. If the vehicle is equipped with the navigation system, then a separate GPS antenna is mounted in a similar way in the same vicinity. So, a vehicle with both OnStar and the navigation system would have two GPS antennas.

The antenna element is a small, thin black plastic square mounted on the top side of the metal plate. The cable you described is attached to this antenna, not the metal plate. The plate acts as the "ground plane" for the antenna.

On the Seville and Deville (and other similar GM models, like the Bonneville and LeSabre), the carpeted "package shelf" under the rear window is a plastic panel, whereas many other GM models have a structural metal panel in this area. For the Cadillac models, since the entire panel is plastic, the antenna can be mounted on its underside and "see" the GPS satellites through the plastic panel and the glass, but it needs the added ground plane described above. On GM models that have a structural metal panel in this area, such as the Impala and the Grand Prix, the GPS antenna is mounted in the same general area, but on top of the metal panel, which serves as the ground plane (i.e., no separate metal plate is needed); the antenna is then covered by the carpeted trim panel, which installs over the structural metal panel.

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I'm pretty sure al Queada put it there. But I'm getting pretty paranoid right now.

It could be the auto trunk vent. After you drill the holes in the bottom of the spare tire well, the trunk will not admit air, therefore keeping the water from draining out. The sudden increased vacuum is sensed by this mechanism and it is activated. It then checks with the DIC behind the steering wheel, if the code WTF666 is present, or in history, it punches an air hole through the top of the trunk lid. This lets air in so the water will drain out. Last time it was ever activated was down in Texas. It almost washed away a roller coaster at an amusement park. I'm sure you guys saw the footage on TV.

Most guys around here then put those "bullet hole" stickers over the hole and it looks pretty cool.

Or it could be the yaw sensor

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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