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Needs Stitching


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Well I have a 96 STS and on the inside driver door just below the seam on the leather arm rest, it has torn about 1 1/2 inches long. Whats the best possible way to repair this considering it's not on the seam?

Any help would be a appreciated.


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If you are handy with such things, see http://www.leathermagic.com/

If not, you'll need to check with a local auto upholstery firm.


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If you are unable to do the repair yourself, talk to your local dealer. They usually have guys who come around to do things like that. I once bought a used S10 Blazer that had the leather worn on the left side of the drivers seat. Due to a design flaw the frame was wearing through. They had it fixed before I picked up the car and the repair was amazing :o It looked as if they replaced the leather panel. It was an absolute perfect match in color and texture.

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My Repair

1994 STS

147,000 miles

I would guess your armrest is similar to mine. That is it is not leather, it is plastic. The only leather in these cars are the seating surfaces. Actually, the sides of the seat are a plastic that looks and feels very much like leather.

First I cleaned the surfaces, with alachol, so that masking tape would stick to the surfaces.

I cut a piece of cloth about 3/8" wide and a little bit bitter than the lenght of the tear. I carefully inserted this under the tear and centered. This be comes a reinforing backing for the repair.

Then, with a needle, I coated the cloth with an adhesive called GOOP, There are two forms of GOOP. The one that is an adhesive is much more liquid. This is what I used.

Then I cut thin pieces masking tape and pulled the seam togeather and in final position. This is like butterfly stitches on human cuts.

I let it dry over night, then removed the tape.

With time, I was able to rub the Goop on the outer surfaces off.

I have done this repair about 6 months ago and it still looks good. In fact you cannot see the repair.

Vince P

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