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I am looking to upgrade my wife's current sedan to an Escalade. This will be our second Cadillac, but this will be our first SUV. I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction as far as which year would be the best as far as reliability, safety, etc. to give my wife peace of mind. I am also looking to purchase a warranty for the vehicle, but have had several people tell me to get an aftermarket warranty rather than the factory warranty the dealer provides. What would be my best option, and where do I start looking? Any feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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My favorite current Escalade would be the Escalade Hybrid. It has a 6L V8 engine, and is a 2-mode hybrid setup. It is expensive new, but can be found at a discount certified pre-owned from Cadillac Dealers. Now is a great time still to buy SUVs because of the economy & fuel prices.

In general the Escalades are very reliable. They use a Cadillac exclusive version of the 'small block chevy' engine, so that is fairly bullet proof. They do have a lot of gadgets and electronics, which gives more opportunities for reliability issues, but also gives more luxury & convenience.

I would generally get the newest model that fits your budget. Lately I have seen Escalades posted for sale VERY inexpensive prices here in the Dallas area.

In terms of warranty, I would stick to the GMAC warranty, which is similar to the bumper to bumper new car warranty. If you purchase a certified pre-owned model it comes with an extended warranty. Info: http://www.cadillac.com/tools/certified-vehicles/


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Beware of aftermarket warranty companies - many of them go out of business leaving you with no coverage. If you decide to go with an aftermarket warranty, get a list of what is not covered. That way you know what IS covered so they can't weasel out of paying for a claim.

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Thanks for the tip! I ended up going with a 2008 Escalade and so far, we're very happy with it. I did some research on a warranty for the vehicle and I decided to go with an after-market warranty. They offered the same coverage as the dealer for $400 less than what the dealer wanted to charge me. I went to: [link removed; please contact Bruce if you would like to advertise on Caddyinfo]. Has anyone had experience with this particular company? They have an excellent rating with the BBB so I am pretty confident with my decision to go with them, but I still wanted to get some feedback. I would really appreciate the help.

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