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my wifes 1999 sts doesent want to take gas down the fill tube and it spits back like there is a presure build up. it doesent do it only about half the time. sometimes its fine which is kind of baffeling? I looked thru the threads and didnt see this problem anywhere thanks for helping me.

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Can depend on the time of day and on the gas station you go to? Or only same time same station?

Normally I would have thought this would be a tank venting issue, but once you have the cap off the tank IS vented.

When I fueled the CTS today I had to 'back off' the fuel nozzle to get it to pump at all. In other words, I put the nozzle in the neck for the fuel inlet, and got it started. It immediately stopped as if the tank were full, and would not restart. I pulled it out say 1/2 an inch, and restarted and it ran until the tank WAS full. Not that usual that I have to jiggle it, but it happens.

I suppose it is a fault of the fuel nozzle cutoff sensitivity, but certainly they are more focused on catching every fuel vapor than on avoiding me having to start twice.


And I threw this thread at you: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?sho...c=24466&hl=


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There is an aluminum pipe that runs from the gas inlet to the tank, they have been known to rust, see if yours collapsed or if some road debris smashed it

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