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Bruce Nunnally

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Cadillacblog writes on Twitter:

Check out the online edition of the Wall Street Journal today (www.wsj.com) - free access to all content brought to you by Cadillac!

I admit that sometimes I am a little mystified at the perceived link between sponsored events and car purchases.

In this case I'm willing to just enjoy the benefit. Certainly having your logo at the top of the WSJ all day can't hurt.


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The Wall Street Journal has the highest circulation of any newspaper in the world. The online version is $50 a year, if you have a print subscription too, so not as many people have unlimited access to WSJ.com (without a logon you can see only the main page and some of the articles).

The WSJ has *real* business news which is to the advantage of GM and Cadillac, and WSJ.com is available to anyone with Internet access. If we got the numbers on what this cost Cadillac versus how many cars needed to be sold to pay for it, I suspect that somehow it would all work out just fine for Cadillac.

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The WSJ is awesome. I've been a subscriber (online and sometimes the print edition) for several years now. I esp like the Editorial pages.

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