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1999 Deville door STUCK!


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The first line of defense would be a locksmith who would get the door open with a slim Jim or similar tool (legal for locksmiths but not for... well, don't go there). At that point you can check for proper operation of the door handles and make sure that the door is really unlocked and whatever. More than likely, there is a dropped or missing link in the lock mechanism behind the door panel. That can be fixed by a body shop or a detailing shop.

This can be a DIY job if you can get the door panel off. Likely the door must be open to get the door panel off, so if it turns out that the door is locked and something is amiss and it won't unlock, take the door panel off while you are at the locksmith.

If you don't have an FSM, now is a good time to get one, particularly if you plan to maintain a 10+ year old car yourself.

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