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97 Deville a/c compressor replacement instructions

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I am replacing the a/c compressor, drier, and orifice on my 97 Deville De Elegance. I had done it on my 96 Deville but have lost the instructions. Can anyone point me in the right direction with some step by step directions hopefully with a few pictures? Or not. But some instructions specific to my 97 Deville would be nice. I don't remember having this much trouble before. Maybe I am just getting old. Thank You

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The '97 should be exactly the same as the '96. What you are asking for is a basically a FSM (Factory Service Manual) by Helm Inc. NOT Chiltons or Haynes. Check Ebay or buy a years subscription to ALLDATADIY

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If there is still refrigerant in the system, it will need to be recovered first. Once that is done, remove the right front tire and slash shield. Unplug the electrical connector on the compressor clutch and note the wire routing. Unbolt the refrigerant manifold from the back of the compressor. Remove the serpentine belt. Remove the bolts that secure the compressor to the engine block and brackets. I think there will be 4 bolts. The service manual says to remove the oil filter and oil cooler lines but I don't recall anyone here doing that.

Replace any o-rings that are disturbed when opening up connections on the refrigerant lines. Lube the o-rings with mineral oil or Nylog, not PAG oil. Drain the oil from the old compressor and measure the quantity drained. If the new compressor has oil, drain that into a clean container and add that oil back to the suction port of the new compressor (same quantity as drained from the old compressor). You may need to turn the clutch slowly to get the oil in. If the new compressor is dry (no oil) which is likely to be the case since PAG oil attracts moisture, add new PAG-150 oil to the compressor in the same amount that was drained from the old compressor.

When replacing the orifice tube, the long end of the new tube points toward the condenser, NOT the evaporator. Pay close attention to the old one you remove. If you install the orifice tube backward, you will destroy the low side temperature sensor.

Connect the refrigerant lines to the back of the compressor, use new seals here also. The compressor refrigerant line bolt torque value is 24 ft-lbs but I have no idea how you'd get a torque wrench in there...

Don't leave the refrigerant lines open for an extended period of time. If you need to, use rubber stoppers to seal off the lines to keep moisture out.

Once you're done, you'll need to have a shop evacuate the system and charge it with 2.0 lbs of R-134a.

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