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  1. Autozone.com has free online repair manuals that should help. You also might want to look here. These folks are very helpful. http://acsource.net/acforum/
  2. Something wierd is going on with my '99 Deville and I have almost lost all my hair trying to figure it out. They do not come on when opening the doors but will come on when I use the headlight switch (all of them light ) or push the switch on the map lights up front ( just the one I turn on ). Checked all fuses ( underhood and in the trunk ) and substituted the Inadvertant power relay with the one for the AC, since they are the same and the AC still works. Changed out the battery because the fuel door was popping open and a bad battery caused this symptom once before. Cleaned the cables, however, I didn't seperate the two cables when I did that. Have been trying to find the switches on the doors that activate them and either I am blind or just plain stupid, maybe a slight combination, but any way I can't seem to find any. I know there has to be a switch, even Cadillacs aren't magicians, although with the fart button, I know they are special. I did have a code that said I had an interior lamp fault (duh). Can anybody help this old fart figure this one out? After all, at my age, I don't have much hair left to lose. Thanks, tired, aching olebones (not to mention frustrated )