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Starting issue

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My 1999 Cadillac Seville always takes a few seconds to start after its been driven and the engine is still warm... Usually about 10 minutes after Ive driven it or so... If i let it sit for a few hours or longer it will always start right away but when it takes a while to start, I have to just keep cranking it for 10 seconds or so....

Anyone know whats up?

The whole engine was basically rebuilt after I had my headgaskets fixed except for the engine block. ( The problem was occuring before I had the headgaskets go out)

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The " no start when engine is hot" problem is well known. The cure is replacement of the starter. If it were not a Northstar, you could hit the starter or pour water on it to cool down. That helps.

EDIT: If it does start after secveral attempts when engine is hot, the latter may be flooded because of bad FPR as Jim noticed. Next time it happens, floor the gas pedal to clear flood, turn ignition ON and leave the pedal as soon as the engine starts. If it starts right away that way the FPR is the culprit.

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If I am reading tis correctly...your starter always engages and turns the engine ok...iy is just not starting QUICKLY when it is turning over.

If that is true...check the fuel pressure regulator.

Pull the vacuum hose going to the FPR and see if there is ANY TRACE of fuel.

Smell the end of the hose if necessary.

If there is ANY evidence of fuel...replace FPR.

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