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shaking/bent rim feeling? What could it be


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well im going to purchase some new tires but first im thinking it may be somthing else , when i go around corner turning both ways there is a squeeking similar to the breaks squellers but only wen turnin and as i said before abit bumpy going around 80 km and up if i let go of steerin wheel it shakes abit

thanks for the feed back as always helpfull


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Need a little more info...

What kind / size rims do you have on it?

Aew they Cadillac wheels or aftermarket?

What is the hole spacing?

What is the offset of the new wheels?

This all needs to be CORRECT for the car.

Just because they will fit on the wheel studs, don't mean that they are correctly fitted to the car.

Are you SURE all the lugnuts are tight?

Did you actually check them YOURSELF?

There is always the slight possibility that the tire store didn't tighten them properly.

There is also the possibility that they OVERTIGHTENED one or more of them which could cause one of the rotors to warp.

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well a professional tire shop tightend the lug nuts and i doubled checked and all were tight , the wheels are deffinetly not made for the car as they are 20" aftermarket rims with low pro tires, when i first put them on the car drove great still squeeked around corners as did with the stocks but that has gotten worse, the car never used to shake like it does now when i got the rims the allignment was out and i fixed that and the car drove straight and smooth , then recently i feel it has gotten worse, i forget the exact offset but remember the offset i needed when i bought the rims was betwen the measurements it required, the bolt pattern is 5 x 115

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sounds like used tires/wheels? you just got the rims/tires and are now going to get new tires? 20" on a caddy? 35 series tires? not very smooth riding. are you getting new tires or new (used) tires? i assume the current tires are nearly bald so having them balanced is probably a waste of money. yep, you be stylin now.

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