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95 STS Oil leak


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I have a high mileage 95 STS.

it had a small oil leak, where it would leave a drip or 2 on the pavement, but only used maybe a quart in 1,500 miles.

I had the alternator and battery replaced a few days ago, today i go to drive it and i have 2 puddles (larger than a silver dollar) under the car right after it starts.

after 2 minutes, it's a good pancake size. I topped it off during this time.

Still leaking, I shut it off and decided to take the other car to work.

It's leaking from the front passenger corner of the car.

Could something have been done wrong during the alternator change to cause this leak?

Is it going to cost more money than it's worth to fix this?

Did i just waste money on a new charging system for a car on it's last legs?

Thanks for the help!


1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville

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You may have the engine that has an oil cooler loop that comes off the oil filter adapter. The oil filter adapter is near the alternator and they might have distubed the connection or forgot to tighten it.. Check the connections and the hoses to see if one has been damaged.

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Check the connections where the engine oil cooler tubes connect to the radiator. If the radiator was removed to gain access to the alternator, the plastic retaining clip that holds the oil cooler line to the radiator may have been broken. The part is not available separately from GM but it is available from any auto parts store.

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A little late in the game, but here's an update.

the oil leak was solved with a new o ring and cleaning the crud out of the connection.

got it all back together, drove a bit over 100 miles with no problems.

next day, was leaving for work and all of a sudden there is steam pouring out of the vents and the nasty smell of coolant, along with coolant pouring on the floormat.

thankfully the info here, allowed me to get the heater core replaced as well, and now, i should be good for quite a while again!

thanks for all the info here!

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville

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