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Lifting the fuel rail (EGR cleaning...)


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For the past few months, I've been getting an occasional p0404. I'd usually just clear it, and it'd be gone for at least 4 more weeks. Now it comes back instantly, and with 115k miles, I'd assume I should at least remove the EGR and give it a good cleaning.

I've done my reading about the fuel rail, and feel OK about removing it. My only concern is the lifting of the injectors. A few questions - Will I be pulling out all the injectors, or just the ones on the rear-side? Do I need a special tool to lift them? And to re-install, will the seals be ok?

As for EGR cleaning, I planned on using carb cleaner. I had the idea of using an ultrasonic cleaner, or maybe some hoppes#9 gun cleaner to emulsify the carbon before brushing, but I figured I'd ask for some more experienced input before I start using exotic chemicals and methods! :lol:

As always, thanks for the help! This board has kept my '97 ETC running flawlessly for years now, and I'm forever thankful!

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You just need to lift the fuel rail enough to gain access to remove the EGR. Gently lift the rain EVENLY a little at a time once you have the retainers removed. Just be gentle. Put upward pressure don't PULL.. It will probably need to be popped up fully to gain access thats ok. Don't be temped to clean the injector tips and put something under the rail to hold it up so the tips don't get mucked up.

I use hoppes gun cleaning round 22 caliber brushes and any other small brushes I can find to try and get at the pindle. You can use a torx bit to turn the pindle against the brushes. I have used GM upper engine cleaner, and let the BOTTOM half where the pindle is, soak in it. DO NOT let the electronic side of the EGR in the solution.

Be careful not to scratch the pindle.

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