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92 Brougham Leaking Antifreeze Under Car


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My first post and need HELP!!

My radiator has been leaking for two months. I filled it twice with Barr's stop leak pellets. It worked at first but continued to leak faster as time went on. I live in PA and it is getting to cold for me to stand outside every time i get in my car and fill the radiator. A few times when driving, highway driving, the heater would stop heating and i am assuming the car ran out of fluid. No lights came on indicating overheating but when the car was turned off i heard a dry creaking sound.

I have taken to mechanic to replace radiator. He checked for steam in exhaust and found none. I have justed noticed when i got out of my car and left it running the antifreeze is leaking out underneath, in the middle of drivers side and passenger, behind front wheels.

In addition to the radiator leak the car would not go into park at all. It has stopped doing that but will roll. So i put the emergency brake on everytime i get out. I am not to fond of taking to transmission shop to look at it. Filter has not been changed in transmission since i have had car for 7yrs.

I am do not know what could be leaking??. I love my car and love it more because it is the only one i have.

Any HELP is appreciated.

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:welcomesmiley: Just as Ranger said, there are many places your car can loose coolant from. Check first the radiator end tanks. They are made of plastic and are known to develop cracks. Also check the heater valve - a plastic T on the top of the engine behind throttle body. Check as well all the coolant- related connections. It makes sense to start engine, open the hood up, rev the engine manually by lifting throttle lever and watch for leaks. Good luck and keep us informed. Where are you in PA? I used to live in PA.

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Yeah check your hoses and the other mentioned locations. You should be able to find the source of the leak fairly easily but may prove to be miserable considering its cold outside!! I would try to find a nice warm garage so you can take you time and locate the leak. And I agree with Ranger sounds like your gear switch is bad.

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