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I've gotten an extended warranty for two cars and have never used it. In both cases I got it from the bank, not the dealer, because it was less expensive. People here recommend that you get the one from the dealer because claims and payment are almost the same as GM warranty work if you need it, whereas there is a claim process and paperwork for aftermarket extended warranties that the dealer doesn't want to hear about. Some dealers will put in the claim for you to some insurers, others they want to be paid and it's your problem to get reimbursed.

Your warranty on a new GM product is probably better than you need if you trade the car in after four or five years. If you are buying used, the term "Certified" means that a used car is sold with an extended warranty. You would have to ask how long the warranty is, and what it covers -- and after you hear, check the fine print to make sure what you heard was accurate before you sign on the dotted line.

Extended warranties are essentially extra-cost accessories when sold by the dealer. Thus the price is negotiable. It comes with a list price and a discounted price, and the price as paid is negotiable. You should be able to negotiate a 20% discount without difficulty at most dealers, and much deeper discounts are possible for no-inventory-cost items like warranties.

The list price of the extended warranty depends on the make and model, but also the drivetrain and trim. The STS comes with two V6's and two V8's, for example, and four-wheel-drive is an option with some engines, and this will affect the price of the extended warranty.

Bottom line: Pick the car, including drive train, then ask what the list price for the extended warranty is. At that point, off the dealer 20% off that list price and hold firm. Or, if you want to take the Priceline approach or the dealer never takes the first discount bid and always comes back with a counteroffer, offer him 40% off.

You can build your Cadillac online; click here for the Cadillac page to do this. Print out the result and take it to your dealer. He can give you the list price of the extended warranty from your options list. If he can't find an exact match for the car itself you should order the car and wait up to 90 days for it to arrive.

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Good advice Jim.

Enigma1944, You can check gmoutlet.com for discount pricing on an extended GM protection plan (GMPP) warranty. They will email you a price list. Keep in mind your new Cadillac will come with a 48 month, 50K mile bumper to bumper warranty, with 100K mile warranty on the powertrain. There is a slight discount for buying an extended warranty before you have 12 months or 12K miles on the Cadillac, but you can buy the extended warranty as long as the car is still under warranty.


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