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Fuel Filler Pipe


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Strong gas smell after buying gas in my 93 STS 4.6L.

Smelled some gas and looked underneath at the lines/tank/etc.. and saw that the fuel filler pipe is quite corroded and appears to have a damp spot on the top side of it. This is where I suspect it has developed a pin hole leak and I am looking at replacing it.

So at the low, low, low price of $543.75CAN :o I can order a new one. I managed to get a discount which brought the price down to $435 before tax.

My question is - what the heck is this pipe made of to make it this pricey? It is not very long as it slides into a flex hose before the tank. Would anyone consider getting someone to fabricate one for them? Or is this not reccomended due to whatever (tight pipe bends and the venting)?

Any input is appreciated. I ordered the part and it arrives tomorrow. I plan on painting it and maybe spraying on some rust proofing.



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We have had a few replace theirs, but I do not recall that part being so expensive. Mine is corroded also. That seems to be an outrageous price, did you try www.gmotors.com or www.rockauto.com?

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I think it's not so much what it's made of as opposed to charging so much because they can. If the top part is good, I would not hesitate to have a muffler shop bend up a pipe to match and weld it to the top part. I'd bet you'd get away for a lot less than $100.

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