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95 Deville blower controle module ?


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Thanks for everyones help I know I've been asking alot of questions but I've only owened my Deville for a couple of days and have found lots of problems. My question is I have the same problem that many others have had with my blower motor not shutting off even when the key is out. I've read several post and it seems to be the blower controle module is mine located in the duct work or built into the blower motor ? also is their any possible way it could be the blower motor resistor I'm asking because I only have one speed and I'm guessing it's stuck on high? the auto parts stores say I have one but I cannot find it anywhere.

Thanks again !!!

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I believe your car has the module integrated into the blower motor which started with the 1994 model year. Does the blower motor have a 1/2" thick plate mounted on the front?

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KHE is correct. 1994 went to a internal blower control. Replace the blower motor.

True, earlier Cadillacs external modules had a failure mode of 'blower staying on.'

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