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Srewed up water pump install!

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Well I just scewed up!! I installed a new NAPA water pump in my 99 DeVille and it still leaks. When I was installing the pump, it rotated like the stops were broken off. I mean that it didn't stop at any one posistion, it just rotated in the housing. What did I do? Did I break something on the pump or on the pump housing? The old pump was leaking down on the frame on the pulley side and the new pump is spraying up towards the hood on the hose side of the pump. I need expert advice so I can fix the car and get my wife off my back!

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The pump locks in by rotating it COUNTERCLOCKWISE. Did you accidentally rotate it CLOCKWISE and bend the tabs?

There is an o-ring that installs around the base of the pump that seals it to the block. Did you forget to install it?

Is the pump housing cover fully seated? What is the condition of the pump cover gasket? It is a large, bell shaped o-ring that is usually reusable but it may have been damaged.

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As noted by KHE it sounds like you did not rotate it COUNTER CLOCKWISE. When done properly it will only roate a short amount and lock in position.


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I found the problem! I bought a pressure tester and pumped it up and the lower hose had a pin hole in it! Glad I bought the tester.

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