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Pick new 2004 SRX V-8 tomorrow....

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Can't wait to take delivery of my SRX V-8 tomorrow. It is red-line color with the custom E & G mesh grill package. Just retired and the kids are all out of the house so I have no need for the 3rd seat, but I ended up getting the DVD navigation and rear entertainment. It seems you can't really find a V-8 that doesnt' have those big bells/whistles.

Unfortunately, I am getting it for my wife to use, so I will have to wrestle the keys away from her when I want to take a spin! :D

I have heard great things about this board from my youngest son who has a 99 Deville Concours. He has been a member for a few years now and is on this site constantly.

Will post back when I get a chance to play with my new toy!

--Red Tornado

This will give you an idea of what mine will look like:


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Congradulations, on the new car & the retirement and welcome aboard.

Looks nice. I'm sure your gonna love it ........if you get to drive it. :D

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Nice ride! And mucho bettero gas mileage than some big tub of an Escalade or something like that. :) Congratulations, and hang out for a while!

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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I bet you're Brads dad. Nice color you picked. You, oops I mean your wife is going to love it!



Indeed you are correct. I am the son of the Red Tornado - can't wait to get a hold of that SRX! It's gonna be a good summer!



1999 Deville Concours [sOLD]

Blk/Blk w/gold package

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RED.........Where are you ? I got to ride a V-6 SRX for a 2 day test ! NICE !!!!

They wouldn't let me roll a V-8 one tho................$53k LARGE.......

Mom is ready to retire her 98 Deville and wants a SUV thing so gotta have that

CADDY BLING !!!!!!!!

A 'Lade is TOOOO big she sez............SRX is just right. Want her to wait tho.

Maybe rebates will be coming soon !!!!!!!!!......................geo

93 DeVille-13 Chevy Impala

72 GTO - 77 Triumph Bonneville

84 Z-28

Syracuse NY

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