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Confessions of Light Platinum

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I am absolutely thrilled with the new 08 Cadillac CTS exterior changes, and interior changes. I think Cadillac is absolutely headed in the right direction.

Here in Texas, we run over 100F in the summer months, so black cars are not my favorite. I had the black on black 96 STS and it was HOT, but not in a good way.

Yes, if Cardio Doc ever comes to town for a steak we'll have to find a black/black/black Cadillac to tour in, but for every day use no.

My 2005 CTS is Light Platinum, which is a metallic silver, exterior, and neutral leather interior. With tinted windows, this gives me the best chance of avoiding heat.

When I find my ideal next CTS it will not however be Light Platinum. If you look at the styling of the new CTS, it depends on chrome accents and touches in several places.

After studying cars in person at the local dealer, it is clear to me that the ideal color combinations for the new CTS are colors what contrast nicely with the chrome

touches, so that the chrome stands out. I would avoid platinum or white, and select crystal red, black, or perhaps blue chip. The Crystal Red Tintcoat really sets off

the chrome though.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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