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06 sts options


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going to look at 06 sts n* rwd tomorrow and would like some info on options. they tell me it is fully loaded including "luxury perfotmance package" it also has 18" wheels and bose 5.1 studio surround sound with in dash 6 disc dvd changer and advanced dvd nav system-does this mean that you can play dvd movies through the nav system? would like to know if there any code numbers on vehicle or in the vin to look for that will give info on options. do not want to be at total mercy of salesman. any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Look in the trunk ... under the spare tire cover. There should be a label with all the RPO options on it.

Also the dealer can run the VIN thru his computer and PRINT OUT, for you, a complete list of options that are on it.

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Usually with a DVD nav system yes, you can play DVD movies thru the nav, but only when the Cadillac is stationary.

The STS comes well equipped. Generally the STS is available in 1SE, 1SF, and 1SG configurations for V8. The 2006 order guide is no longer online, but you can see the 2007 guide here

The nav and audio system are good indications that this is a high-option car. That system is available on a 1SE and standard on 1SF and 1SG.

The limited slip differential G80 was exclusive to the 1SG model in 07 for example, and perhaps also in 06, so is a good indicator of which model this is.


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