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It looks like this is a recessed door handle, no B-pillar fastback/Kammback coupe. If so, the coachworks will have convertible versions out when it is introduced, possibly in conjunction with GM and supplied by GM to the dealers, like the 1992-2003 Eldorado convertibles were.

I also see center exhaust, a built-in GPS antenna above the rear window, and a lot of mock-up in the bodywork behind the back seat, meaning that this picture, apparently taken in the GM proving grounds and intentionally leaked, shows a mock-up made from a four-door. The wheel base has been shortened, meaning that this shows major surgery on the four-door, meaning that it may be rough in the bodywork but it is, mechanically, a full prototype for the purposes of working out the drivetrain, suspension and handling -- and not-too-detailed photos for leaking.

Now, if they just have a V version, preferably with a supercharged version of the V6 or the Northstar, not the big iron V8.

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I have no clue where the picture was taken but the car is wearing MI tags. It's not at all unusual to see test mules - prototypes on the Interstate system in and around the Detroit area. I have seen mules in Toledo, OH. Real world data gathering.

We can only hope that Cadillac and all of the GM divisions are looking far enough ahead to see the future of V8 engines from the car buyer's perspective. In order to survive as a company, GM must be nimble enough to respond to reality and build what buyers will purchase. Large numbers of buyers.

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Apparently the 'factory' convertible has been cancelled, but yes it certainly will be a natural for aftermarket convertible conversions. I think this will be call CTC for C-class Touring Coupe, although it may simply be called a CTS Coupe in order to take advantage of the CTS brand. But it would be a nice nod to call it a CTE for C-class Touring Eldorado.


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