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I bought one and it works. I just shut down my Verizon land line.

magicJack's Web site

Unofficial magicJack forum

The forum provides some good information and testimony both good and bad.

I'm looking to buy a Thin Client to run magicJack without my desktop computer. This way I can use it like an ordinary lane line as a thin client will allow it to run without need of a desktop computer. If you're interested, you can find thin clients on ebay. Just search for "thin client". The unofficial magicJack forum above discusses thin clients.

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How much? Does it work on dial up or do you need DSL?

It does require at minimum DSL.

I just bought a a HP COMPAQ T5720 Thin Client which will allow me to use magicJack like a regular phone when my computer is off. A Thin Client will also allow me to surf the internet as well. The one I linked to does not show the power supply and keyboard. My plan is to use the Thin Client for magicJack and the Internet since it doesn't use nearly the electricity as a computer and it generates much less heat and runs silently.

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I've been using Skype for ages now. I'm very satisfied with it. http://www.skype.com

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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