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Caddy STS vs Lexus


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Hi everybody!

I was wondering if any of you guys know how many STS's and Lexus ES330? were sold the last few years?

Did Cadillac sell more or did Lexus sell more?.

Just wondering since I kind of see an equal amount out on the roads.



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I have no figures on the sales of either; but I would guess that it would depend on what part

of the country you come from. In Michigan, I would say the CTS has totally outsold the Lexus.

I see lots of CTS's and rarely see a Lexus. Of course it could be that I just don't recognize

a Lexus when I see one. The angular lines of the CTS and the one of a kind styling of the

2008 CTS make them stand out in the crowd.

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Lexus has been a truck company, in the sense that they sell more trucks than cars. Their car sales are dominated by the entry-level luxury cars, which are high-option Camry's. While Lexus has been VERY successful in the US, sales have lagged in Europe and Japan.


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It does depend on your area of the country I think. In Michigan, domestic name plates rule the road. In other urban areas, you see a lot of Japanese brands. Down here, I see more Lexuses than Cadillacs when in town. But out in the more rural areas, and near Pinehurst, lots of Cadillacs. The question was STSes in particular -- very few of them around here...especially the RWD models. Tons of DeVilles and CTSes.

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