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'02 STS - console cupholder hard to open

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OK, the problem was two (2!) pens had gotten dropped in there. Along with some toothpicks (nasty) and some crumbs. Previous owner...

Here's how to take it out if ever you have to or just want to for cleaning.

1. Remove console lid's latch plate and spacer (Phillips-head screws (2))

2. Remove the cupholder trim plate by pulling upward first, the forward. You'll probably need to open/close the cupholder as you wiggle the trim plate off.

3. Remove two (2) more Phillips-head screws that hold the top of the cupholder assy.

4. Remove the "wood" trim around the shifter, as if you were gaining access to the radio (covered in other threads). Pull upwards from the rear. One of my clips fell off but i was able to find it and snap it back on.

5. With the parking brake on, shift to D/3/2 to work the trim piece around and turn it 90 degrees. No need to disconnect the Traction Control ON/OFF or the heated seat button connectors, but you can if you want.

6. Remove the two (2) T15 Torx head screws that hold the bottom of the cupholder assy.

7. To get the cupholder assy out, rotate it as you're pulling upwards.

8. That's it. Re-install in reverse order, being careful not to pinch any or the wiring.

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Thanks... thats good info to know.

well, as long as we are talking cupholders ....

i have a 96 concourses and it has a cupholder, that kind of clips on the center arm rest ...

it has two springy arms on it ... it looks like a caddy product, is it ???

and what i want to know ...

is where does it store, when not in use ??? if you colapse the arms it will fit, in the center arm rest

and in the arm rest, their are two vertical ridges, that look like the logically place for it...

but, i can't figure out how to store it there ??? i am usually good at figuring out how stuff works, but i am somewhat stumped here, as to where it's storage space is ...

thanks, Lane ...

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