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fender replacement


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Hey guys,

Like to know where i can get a new replacement fender for my 92 eldo.Looked at a couple from the junk yard and they where in crappy condition so i thought why not an aftermarket one.

Thanks for you help guys.


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I would avoid aftermarket body panels at all costs...you will spend so much time reworking it to make it look good that it's not worth it. The aftermarket panels are most likely not double galvanized either.

Check www.cadauto.com for a good used one.

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Try Keystone for aftermarket parts. http://www.keystone-auto.com/

Personally, I would rather spend a lot less for a part for a 92 than get a used or new part. If the shop primes and paints the fender properly it will most likely last as long as a new OEM. I wouldn't be concerned that the panel might not last ten years if you only plan on keeping the car another 5. Also, Veng makes aftermarkets parts as well. Are you sure it can't be repaired??

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$350 is not bad. Having body filler is no big deal if the shop is good. Once they pound out the dent they may only need a skim (about 1/8 inch) coat of filler. Unknown to some people, new cars that get damaged in shipping have repairs done to them and no one ever knows that they were repaired with filler. Also, depending on where the damage is, the shop may be able to blend the color within the panel, if you replace, and the shop cannot exactly tint the color to match, they will want to blend into the hood and door to achieve a good color match, this will drive the $$$$up.

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