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Stealing the 1993 STS

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Interesting BLOG observation that the 93 STS is a great buy in today's market:

All of a sudden, Cadillac had an attractive, agile, powerful sports sedan, made even more powerful with the 1993 introduction of Cadillac's excellent 295-horsepower Northstar V-8--which was monster power at the time and, even in today's hyperactive performance market, still more than respectable. The combination wasn't good enough to revitalize Cadillac overnight, but it at least made the brand relevant once again and gave American car fans a welcome jolt of self-esteem.

They're now available for as little as just a few thousand dollars used; at that price, these cars are a steal.


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Interesting, that is how we feel here also.

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I have two 93 STS's and a 04 DTS. The 93's are definitely a different breed.

All of these nearly the same horsepower, the STS's about 180 lbs lighter.

After not driving the STS's for nearly a month, I took my blue one out for a drive, big differences.

The DTS is decidedly a better riding car, but does not control near as well on curves, has a tendency to "roll", due to softer suspension. It does handle quite nicley on the straighter roads however. Very nice for those longer drives.

When taking off in the STS, after getting used to the DTS, you need to be careful. Giving it nearly the same amount of gas, it will leap down the road :D , not just move out nicely :mellow: .

The DTS has about 35k on it, The STS's have 209k (blue) and 90k (white) on them.

If only I could get some of the smoother ride from the DTS, in the STS's, and the power response of the STS into the DTS.


Drive'em like you own 'em. - ....................04 DTS............................


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