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Demon 97 Deville stalling

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My dads 97 deville keeps stalling on him out of nowhere. I havent been in the car when it happens but he said that last time the car died completely going down the highway and the dash started flashing. These are the codes that I am getting. Any thoughts as to what may be going on? P1599 B1552 B2710 U1255. Thanks.

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This happened to me (95 etc) and the cuplrit was that the fuel pump has started to fail intermittently. It would conk out at high speed, low speed, stop lights, etc. Then start back up after 3-4 seconds.

The other thing that typically causes this behavior is the crankshaft position sensors. Perhaps the codes will shed some light. The codes listed elsewhere on this site only lists the 1599 which is "stall or near stall detected". One of my personal favorites :D .

So if someone else can chime in with the remaining codes that might clarify.

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P1599 Engine Stall or Near Stall Detected

The crankshaft sensors were a problem on the 2002-2004 models or some similar range, but not so much on the 1993-1999 Northstars. The fuel pump issue was common on the 1997 models but usually manifested itself early; my car had it in the first year. I think it's more likely a battery cable problem because of the passkey, KAM and network errors.

I would clear the codes and see what comes back after a stalling episode. If no codes appear during a stalling episode, I would clean the positive connector to the battery; if that didn't fix it then have the battery load tested.

If it's not a battery voltage problem, go through the water-in-the-gas routine of changing the fuel filter and using an appropriate gas additive as recommended by your dealer or by BodybyFisher. Premium gas has more detergent additives than lower octane fuels but if it is stalling badly then running through a tank of high octane gas may be too slow or ineffective in dealing with the amount of water you may have in your fuel.

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The fuel pump issue was common on the 1997 models but usually manifested itself early

For what it's worth, the fuel pump on my '95 failed this past winter. :D

Also Jndnaps had the same problem on a '96 this year....

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