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  1. I have a 95 DeVille that needs a new TPS. Can anyone tell me how to go about replacing the thing? Also is there a calibration procedure for the new part? Pictures of the location of parts would be very helpful. Its very cold out and I would like to get this done as quickly as possible: ) Thanks guys.
  2. Well i took it to the shop and they said they couldnt reproduce the problem. The fluid didnt smell bad to them and I dont think they even bothered dropping the pan. Anyway its doing it again tonight. I guess Ill be taking it back into them to drop the pan and actually look this time (grrr). Is it possible that there is a problem other than a solenoid or servo piston seal? Someone I was talking to earlier said something about a possible worn clutch or something along those lines. Does that make sense so anyone?
  3. Well its in the shop right now. Im not sure if they are going to get a chance to look at it until next week but Ill keep you guys posted. Thanks.
  4. Bear with me because I dont know anything about transmissions but when i got on the highway tonight i opened her up. The tach shot up but the car didnt shift. Tried this a few more times on the drive but couldnt get OD (passing gear 4th whatever it is). I have no codes and the fluid doesnt smell abnormal to me (not that I would know) and its still cherry red. All of the other gears seem to work just fine. Am I in trouble?
  5. Im looking to put a double DIN screen in my 93 sts that has a 1.5 din opening according to my book here. I also see that some companies sell double din cosmetic kits for my car. Can I put this (http://www.scosche.com/products/productID/1400) in and then install a double din screen?
  6. You guys are great. Found it and got it on. Everything is working fine now. You were right,...about a 10 minute job. BTW Logan...this is the second time this part has been replaced on my 93 since I have had it (late 2002). I got the car with 90k on it. It now has 165k and, like I said, second time I have had this exact problem. : ) Hope there isnt something wrong. Had to pay $190 or so (after tax) for the part. Still better than going to the mechanic for something easier than an oil change. I heart you guys. "You complete me." Heh
  7. Well Ive got the part. I just not seeing where it goes. Is it under the blower somewhere I cant see without putting it on a lift?
  8. Thanks guys. Im going to look into it tomorrow. I have to plug\unplug the connector when I start or stop the car. Its getting pretty annoying in this weather. Im hoping to not have to take it to the mechanic. I think my car has spent more time in the shop this last month than my mechanic. I have have had both brake lines rust through, my EGR valve replaced, a new O2 sensor, my current blower motor problem, and there was a puddle of coolant in my parking spot when I got home today. Dont get me wrong,... I LOVE my STS. I just think that im about done spending money on it this month. P.S. What part should I ask for? A blower motor control module? Is it a wire splice job or just something that plugs in and bolts on? Found this on Rockauto.com. Is this the part? 1993 CADILLAC SEVILLE STS 4.6L 281cid V8 MFI (9) : Heat & Air Conditioning : Blower Motor Resistor STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # RU304 More Info {BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR} Automatic Temperature Control Part Image $120.79 $0.00 $120.79 Does it matter if I use an OEM part or not? Would anything that Autozone had be total junk and not worth the money? Sorry I would post a link but it wont link to that part.
  9. My blower motor seem to be running with the AC on or off and even when the ignition is off. I have it unplugged right now so it doesnt drain my battery. Ive heard that its a common problem. Is it an easy fix?
  10. Well thats exactly what its doing but I also have an error code for the lean O2 sensor. Would it cause that too?
  11. Is it possible that the EGR pintle sticking could cause a vac leak? Maybe my EGR valve need a cleaning.
  12. What do you mean by vacuum leak? That sounds like another problem that wont be as easy as replacing an O2 sensor. I hope it not anything like that. I just paid for all of my classes and im a little light on funds right now. I could swing a $50 part but a shop visit wouldn't be good right now. In fact im not even sure how im going to get to class tomorrow since im a little bit hesitant to drive it. I just got home and the thing felt like it was going to stall when it was at a stop. EDIT: I was just reading up on vacuum leaks and they mention the EGR valve causing like systoms. I should mention that I have gotten the PO36 code recently and have been getting it off and on for a couple of years now. I usually just do some spirited driving at it takes care of itself for a while.
  13. I dont really know a piston from a tire here but I thought that there was an O2 sensor before the cat and one after the cat. Is that right? Is it as easy as screwing a new one into the exhaust or is the one im looking for located elsewhere? You are always so helpful. Thanks again guys.
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