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Not run in 6 years, what to do before install


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Got lucky and found a 99 Northstar with 7K miles for $500.00. The guy bought it in 2001 to put in a street rod. It was fogged when pulled. Just wondering what I should do before installing it. Timeserts?Half-case seal? I'll pull the valve covers and pour EOS over the cams, pull the plugs and diable the ignition before starting it. Any other ideas?


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Yes, getting some oil flow without ignition sounds good first. Whether to do seals and head gaskets/timeserts first depends on how hard it is for you to remove/reinstall I suppose. That long out of service does make the seals suspect though?


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Check the oil level first. The next thing I'd do is hook up a fuel pressure tester to the schrader valve on the fuel rail and turn the ignition to on to prime the fuel rail. Use the bleed valve on the tester to bleed off the pressure and repeat until fresh gasoline comes out. I wouldn't bother with pulling the cam covers - if it was fogged, just unplug the ignition control module and crank it for 30 seconds and then plug in the module and fire it up. You can also do a cylinder pressure test with shop air to determine the integrity of the heas gaskets. Personally, I wouldn't rip into the engine at this point.

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