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Fuel tank sender


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Just an FYI for other owners of the 05 DTS. a few weeks ago my DTS was in my driveway and when I started her to head out for work as started to run bad. she can right back into form but then the check eng light came on and stayed on. car was taken to dealer and codes were checked, code told them that I had an active misfire but car was running like glass. they took car out on test drive with me in it and we were not able to get the car to kick out any codes.

Left car with dealer so a more detail inspection could be done and when I picked up car later that day they did not find anything that would have kick out that code. Left dealer and drove no more that 0.5 miles down road and then msg on dic told me to check fuel gage. it was at 1/2 tank turned around and returned to dealer and again they check car no codes. reset dic and let car run in lot while talking with tech beep check fuel gage again on dic. This time service mgr who is friend of mine was out at the car and all three of us were looking at each other.

Left car overnight so they had it to work on 1 st thing in morning after 4 hrs they were finaly able to get at trouble the fuel sending unit in the fuel tank was what was killing us. drop tank replace unit reinstall tank so far so good.

good thing the car was still on warranty would have hated to see that bill.

so I thought that I would post my trouble here for you to read so that if your car startes to do the same thing maybe it can save you some time and money by having the tech check the fuel sending unit to see if it is doing what it should be doing.


Mark :rolleyes:

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Thanks for documenting. The fuel sending unit was a regular failure item on the 90s Cadillacs. I am surprised to hear that problem on an 05.


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I am confused...I think there is an access panel in the DTS to access the fuel pump...without dropping the tank?

It is there, some early cars dont have this option.

Our position was this was a dangerous business situation...someone repairs the sender...screws up the install...accident ...fuel in car...sue GM...typically thats the way it goes....

Maybe that's just us..maybe access plates are a good thing. Pull up your trunk carpet. Is the panel there? If so...

They did not drop the tank.

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