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I put a new 98 Deville Headlight in today

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I bought a new right 98 Deville headlight at the Cadillac dealer today, I didn't want to wait up to 10 days for the one on ebay. The dealer here had it in stock and I needed it now. I got it for $165.25 total. The installation was a breeze, I like the adjustment levels on them. I do not have the correct star socket I used a 1/4" six point socket with a 6" extension on a 1/4" ratchet to adjust the headlight, it fit perfect. And I used it for the screw that connects the headlight to the side light. I'm sure glad the 1/4"- 6 point socket fit the star head screws. This car has the brightest headlight of any car I ever owned. Silvereagle :)

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Sometimes the dealer parts counter can actually be a good source, I agree. I got some replacement radio buttons there for my 96 STS. Certainly you can't beat it for access and inventory when you need something fast. Glad your repair went well.


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