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I like most of the other non-lethal methods noted above, in particular the traps, but if you really, really want to...

Cats are finicky, not "gulpers" like dogs and are able to avoid most common poisens. Anti-freeze has some potential, but it also has significant other drawbacks including tracability and environmental issues.

"Fry down" a natural sponge in tuna oil. It will be stinky and messy, but a relativey large sponge should shrink to a hardened biscut-size or smaller - once you get the hang of of it. This method is not selective, so put it where other innocent animals or people cannot ingest.

This is not poisen per se, but the sponge will resume normal size in the intestinal tract once the oils are digested. The blockage will provide a slow agonizing demise with no chemical-traceable clues.

Again, this is not fun stuff.

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Had a similar problem a few years ago. Bought a pump BB / Pellet gun. Kept it by the front door.

Pump it 2 or 3 times and and sting the cats with it (wasn't trying to kill them). They learned real quick.


No more cat trouble. That also kept them from using my yard for a bathroom.

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