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Ac problem

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My Air doesn't come on, and the DIC displays "service AC" when started. If I turn on AC the DIC displays " low refrigerant comp off" I know this is not the problem, the system was vacuumed and recharged to proper pressure.When I run the codes the only code I get in the ACM section is B1314 - Evaporator Inlet Temp Sensor Open Circuit. I would think I would also getB1347 - Very Low A/C Refrigerant Warning

B1348 - Very Low A/C Refrigerant Pressure. If the refrigerant was too low

Where is this sensor located at on my 2000 Eldo? And would this shut down my AC? Can I jump this connection to see if that is the problem?

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Youd didn't mention how long ago the AC was recharged. There could be a small leak. You can reset the AC code using the buttons you used to read them. Go to the ACM section where you pulled the codes and clear them. I think you use the fan button to get to the code clear message. The compressor should engage and AC should start. If you can't clear them from the DIC, disconnect the battery for a minute and they will clear.

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The evaporator inlet temperature sensor is located in the low pressure line between the orifice tube and the evaporator. Unplug the sensor and short the wiring harness terminals. Now turn the ignition to ON and check the codes. If the current code is now B1315 (evap. temp sensor short circuit), the problem is a defective sensor. If the code is still B1314, then there is a problem with the wiring harnedd to the sensor.

In order to replace the sensor, the refrigerant must be recovered as there is not a schrader valve in the fitting.

The system needs to be charged by weight of the refrigerant - 2.0 lbs. Pressure readings are for reference and troubleshooting.

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