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  1. Well after a lot of deliberating on what to replace the Eldorado with, we finally made our decision. In the next 10 weeks we are taking delivery of a 2010 Dodge Challenger RT Classic with all the options! Just want to say thanks for all the help and support over the years. This is a great forum with number of fantastic members who go out of their way to provide information and expertise to keep these Caddy's on the road. My wife keeps reminding me to stay in touch here so that when her turn comes for the next new car, we will still have this forum as a resource for her CTS!
  2. I just purchased a full set of brand OEM new leather for my 1996 Eldorado ETC 2 weeks ago. The color is Shale / Neutral. Unfortunately the car has developed a head gasket issue and I'm not going to repair it. The seat covers are sport style with the perforations in them. The person I bought them from stated that they came out of a car in late 1995 that had a custom white interior put in it and the fabricator boxed and tagged the original leather and stored it for the past 15 years. They are literally brand new and I'd like to see them go to someone who really enjoys there Eldorado! Asking $
  3. Wish I could say its not the HG but read the attached link. This is exactly what I have happening and it makes sense. AS a follow-up when I drove the car home it was okay until the last 1/2 mile then sitting at a light the guage started climbing past the first mark to the right and the idle started to get a little rough intil I started moving then all was normal. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/north...ned-yellow.html
  4. Drove it to work today and the gauge rose to the first mark to the right of center just as I pulled into the parking lot. About a 30 mile trip mostly highway. Parking the car when I get it home tonight. Looks like its time to shop!
  5. Jim - Sorry I was not clear.The test is positive if the Blue fluid turns Yellow, there are combustion gases in the coolant. Looks like we are on borrowed time.
  6. Yes Jim, that is the kit that I have. The liquid did turn green. Here is how I checked the bypass. With the engine off and reservoir cap removed, I pulled the hose off the hole bolt and coolant came flowing out with a good strong stream. Reinstalled the hose. Removed the 3/8 hose from the reservoir tank and blew through the pipe that goes under the beauty cover until I could hear it bubbling in the reservoir tank. Then I pulled a vacuum with a Mighty Vac on the same line until anti freeze started flowing. Was there other lines I should check? As a follow-up I have been out all morning hoppin
  7. Ted and Jim. Thanks for the optimism! Maybe I missed something here is what I did and parts used. The coolant in the car is the same that was in it last night when the temps went high with maybe 1/2 a quart of fresh to top off for spillage. I drained it into a plastic pan that is only used for dexcool and poured it pack into the car. I had replaced all the heater core hoses on 11/22/09 and put 8 quarts of fresh dexcool 50/50 in then so the majority of the coolant is only 2 months old. The thermostat is a new AC Delco part no. 131128 with a new gasket. The cap is a 16lb Slant. The combustion
  8. I would like to be wrong, but what else could cause the coolant to have combustion gases in it ?
  9. Well I changed the thermostat and checked all the purge lines. Everything is back together and clear. Filled and purged the system and still had the temp gauge go between the first and second line to the right while it sat idling. Did this with the AC off to check the fans for about 45 minutes. Once the fans kicked into high the temp gauge would drop to close to center. All the time it is idling I am seeing mist coming from the tailpipes. Figure the cats should be hot enough by now to burn off moisture. Temp outside is 58. Take a 20+mile drive with stoplights, with the AC on, and the needle ne
  10. Joeb, Fans are running with the AC on and turn on when the guage goes to above normal temp. They are not free wheeling. I agree with you I shouldn't overheat, but I don;t think i'm really overheating because when I rev the engine the temperature goes back to normal and does this quickly. A partially open thermostat or a blockage does make sense. Don't want to throw parts at this, but has anyone had a flakey temperature sensor that once it is exposed to warmer than normal coolant the signal runs away to make the gauge read hot even though it isn't?
  11. Thanks Mike I will change the thermostat. Do I need to go AC Delco or can I go after market? If its AC Delco then i need to hit the Caddy Dealer early tomorrow. Parts department is only open for a few hours. BTW Its been over an hour and the system still has pressure. Pulled the cap and heard air release and some gurgling so it appears the purge lines are working. Coolant level is good.
  12. Hi Mike. I checked for codes and there are none. I will check the purge line. I did this last year and it was fine but it was before the the waterpump and crossover installation that was done at the dealer so it might be blocked. Once the coolant gets to temperature I am seeing flow in the reservoir and when I run up the throttle I see the coolant level drop and return at idle. No misfiring car runs great. Don't know how old the thermostat is. Good point! For grins I bought a new reservoir cap and compared it to my old one. the rubber on the old one had swelled quite a bit. Just went out for a
  13. Its only been 30 minutes and I was able to pull the cap. There was no pressure and the reservoir is still full the coolant is warm. If I really overheated, wouldn't there be steam and a lot of pressure coming out?
  14. Sitting in traffic for about 20 minutes creeping about a mile. Outside temp says 62, AC running on and off running set at 68. Temp gauge goes to the second line to the right past center. Start moving and temp creeps down to center and stays there. Stop at the store for 3 minutes, start the car and sit at the light and the same thing happens. Start moving and the temp guage goes to center. Stop for gas, start the car and drive away and the gauge stays at center. Get home and start checking under the hood for a blocked radiator while the car is idling and the temp guage gets to the red and the
  15. Don't know if this is allowed, but I want to share this. Found this on Ebay. Vendor has a number of new 90's Caddy leather interiors. Service, price and shipping was fantastic. I now have a complete set of new OEM seat and console leather for my Eldorado. Vendor is: carking1976 ( 582 [Feedback score is 500 to 999] ) Here is s a link that should take you to his website to see if he has a set of covers for your Cadillac. I contacted him by phone and he answered my questions quickly. http://srx.ebaymotors.ebayrtm.com/clk?RtmC...818π=4340 Easy to work with.
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