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Water getting in my truck 01 STS


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I cut out a small section under the spare tire well and watched all the water drain out. Its a small hole so nothing will enter the trunk while driving. So although it did let the water leak out, I still do not see where it is leaking in. I removed the moulding from the trunk and ckecked all around the rear lenses to no avail. I think I will use RTV (gasket sealer) around the main gasket and see if it does anything. I do not have other ideas but I'll let you know how it goes

I also had this problem on my 1993 Seville and fixed it 100%

see this post: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?sho...amp;#entry64644

I too thought it was the trunk seal, this part is $$$$ do not replace it as it most likely is not the cause if you have that much water. I also do not agree with the dealer to just drill a hole, here's why: you are not fixing the problem and with time you will rust your trunk! I would not use any dealer who suggest such a practice, these cars did not leave the factory with a feature called 'water in the trunk'.

In my situation I removed all the carpet from the trunk then I got inside the trunk with flashlight and had my son (7 years old at the time) just take the hose (no hose sprayer, just open ended hose) and run water across the top of the trunk gap near the rear window but to my surprise nothing was coming in ??? long story short, try pooring water over the tail light assembly, real soak this area, meanwhile keep an eye on the seams directly behind the tail lights. The seams at the bottom of the tail light cavity. Look from the inside, in my case I could not believe what I saw! a river of water was forming right out from under the seam sealer! I fixed it by removing all the seam sealer inside and outside as well. Remove the tail light assembly and at the bottom of the cavity that houses the assembly (kind of a shelf like cavity) you will notice lots of seam sealer that has been painted over at the factory. Remove this sealer from the shelf on the outside as well. Then re-seal everything problem fixed.

I understand this is not the only cause for water in the trunk but in my case I had lots of water (2" worth) in the spare tire well everytime it rained. It is very easy to soak the area behind the tail lights (with the lights in place) and rule this out.

I also have a theory as to why these seams are failing. Lets say you're rear bumper gets bumped by another car or you simply back up into something. It would not take much force to distort the sheet metal and these seams from the impact, even if they go right back into place you will very likely cause the old dry seam sealer to crack. Only a theory.

Hope this helps.

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Drilling holes in the trunk well doesn't solve the problem... the water still gets in there and mold/mildew will result. In addition, the corrosion resistance will be compromised.

Well from all the posts it seems like every one of these cars trunks leak and I don't have the time or care to chase this leak on a 5 year old car that I bought for ten grand to get back and forth to work 2 miles down the street. Don't get me wrong I love this car and am a crazy person when it comes to keeping cars clean and waxed and basic maintenance. But I got in the trunk and my wife drove through the car wash and I can't see where it's comming from so the hell with it I pushed the knock out out and sprayed some primer and thats that. In a few years I plan on buying a late model STS and if this car gives me too many problems like some people have in this forum I will take it down to my familys pit and Take one of the Cat D 9 s and crush it into the ground.

Sorry I just had a bad day I love my STS

People that last part about the D9 was a joke if you couldn't tell hence the I love my STS at the end. People go read the last comment by Bodybyfisher in the thread ( Be afraid be very afraid ) [Please avoid personal attacks]. Don't joke or say anything remotely negative about anything to due with Cadillac or you'll be in trouble with him and this is his discussion forum. Listen buddy I work hard for a living and enjoy asking a few question about my STS so [Please avoid personal attacks] ok and maybe [Please avoid personal attacks] you're harassing me.

Wow, I never saw this... Hmm, I wonder what I said? :lol: I am just so adverse to negativity, hopelessness and stupid comments that I can't let them go buy... I doubt however that I attacked personally

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Wow! Anyway, getting back to the discussion at hand, JimD, Rickster, OnyxSTS, and KHE are all correct. Replacing the gasket solved my problem on the '99 STS. Just remember that 1) it is not always the top of the gasket that is at fault. Mine was removed and re-sealed to the standing seam that the gasket is installed on, UNDER the gasket. The repair was permanant. And 2) knocking holes in the trunk is not a perfect solution (notice that I stopped short of personal attacks) in that it could let Carbon Monoxide enter into the passenger area under certain conditions. The only condition I can think of right now is idling while stuck in a snow bank, but there may be others.

At any rate, we're ALL OVER this one aren't we? Better than any FSM in my opinion. :lol:

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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I have a 98 SLS and took some gasket sealer and spread it under the rear window by the gasket, I also cut a small piece of the gasket on both sides of the trunk right by the bumper (next to the taillights). This solved my leaking trunk problem.

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I had that on my 99STS, too.

I removed the carpet and went in the trunk.

After I closed it, my wife used a bowl of water......

The water was comming in, under the trunk rubber seal in the middle of the trunk.

I removed the seal and used a kind of silicon on it...

That fixed it.

Good luck... Psycho ;-)


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