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  1. Hi it was done by a company, not by myself. They are only doing LPG conversions. And it is not realy dificult (if you know, what you are doing). There is a ECU, placed in the engine room, the gastank (in the boot), a gas fille neck (see pics) several security valve, the injectors and the two evaporators. The evaporators are linked to the coolant system. If you start youre engine, the system switches automaticly to LPG if it reaches the desired temperature (adjustable parameter in the ECU). This normaly takes 1-3miles. There is a so called commutator, a small device (size like a stamp) with 6 LED's, showing you the status of the system and the level in the LPG tank. If the LPG runs low, it switches back to petrol. And you are able to switch LPG/petrol under any load conditions. So for me it was the right decision to have it converted. Till now I saved (including the price system) about 3400$. Not bad at all. Regards Psycho :-)
  2. Hi there are about 6200 LPG stations in germany. About 10 arround 6miles from where I live. I had no problems with getting LPG the last years and I drove about 31000miles. Everything great and cheap. Regards Psycho
  3. 24000 miles later..... The STS still runs perfect. The millage cost are now at about 55%, compared to petrol. It has no negative effect (performance, oil.....). Price is about $0,47 per l for LPG and $1,04 per l for petrol. And after a period of 20000 miles I am even with the mounting and material costs. So I save 45% of money, compared to normal petrol mode. Or in other words: I now have a price/fuel consumption like a small 4 cylinder car. regards Psycho
  4. Hi on my 99 STS, there is a resonator directly behind the cat. And I want to remove it, for a deeper sound. regards Psycho
  5. Hi can someone tell me the lenght and the diameter of the resonator pipe? I want to remove it for some sound benefits On my former owned 95 STS, I removed the mufflers an I installed aftermaket raptors. The sound was great.... But the 99 never sounds, like it performs. regards and thank you... Psycho
  6. Hi yes, that helped. I finally fixed it, but there is noc chance to see the tube from under the car. You can feel it, but you can't see it. Thank you BodybyFisher.... Eckhard
  7. Ahhh..... that looks better. I will try this evening. And I will post some pics, because I found the same question, I asked, in the www. Thanks a lot Mike
  8. Yesterday I tried to find the place the part shoulf be monted.... But I can't find it? Has anybody a photo or a usefull hint for me. I'm afraid one of the parts of my LPG-injection will block the view?!?! I hope, somebody can help me, because now I need the climatic control. regards Psycho
  9. I think my eyes are realy good, and I don't need glasses.... BUT I can't find the tupe, where the rubber part should be mounted? Has anybody a Photo or a hint for me?? I Hope someone can help..... Thank you Psycho
  10. I know. I'm just sayin' that I have no idea how this was lost in translation. I'd call it a condensate drain, as JimD did. If you don't believe me, just plug it off and see what happens! Be sure i will fix it, but what translation! I have an original Cadillac USA shop manual, no haynes or cheap copy. Psycho
  11. Defroster nozzle is what the shop manual calls it. @KHE I will install it during the weekend! Psycho
  12. Ahhhh... great. Thank you very much JimD! I will check this tomorrow. And I found it in the shop manual volume 1 HVAC System page 1-73 Defroster nozzle... best regards... psycho
  13. Hi yesterday I found a funny rubber part under the middle of my 99 STS. I checked the shop manual, but I couldn't find it in there. Has anyone an idea??? Thanks.... Psycho
  14. Hi I have done some performance tests (G-Tch Pro) and the difference is about 2-4PS peak power. But the G-Tech has a tollerance up to 5PS. Accelerarion is the same on petrol or LPG. I drove nearly 1000miles..... no problems, you can see it here: Spritmonitor The shown fuel/100km is LPG. Compared to pertol, the fuel consumption is about 7L super/100km, that's 33MPG. Price for LPG/L is under 50% compared to petrol :-) regards Psycho
  15. Hi today it had 35°F (2°C) outside temperature. The car started on petrol and after aprox 1mile, it switched to LPG. I didn't felt the precedure, but there is a display, that tells you in which mode you are driving. Perfect! I dind't notice a power loss, so far. I will use my G-Tech Pro on the weekend to check if there is a difference. @STSS... what do you mean with "How is the milage affected?"? regards.... Psycho