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Just bought my first caddy


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Im 18, finally saved up to buy a car, and of course i get a cadillac. I got a 1996 SLS with 125k miles, all options and has been recently serviced for $3500.

Now i got some questions that hopefully you guys can help me with, first off what would be some good performance upgrades for my car?

2. Where can i get the codes to program my remote, it doesnt seem to be working right now, got a new battery and everything, and tried the reset thing in the manual, still doesnt work.

Thx alot

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There are no performance mods. The factory did them for you. The Northstar puts out 1 HP per CID. Can't ask for too much more than that.

Not sure what you mean by "codes to program my remote"

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Welcome to Caddyinfo!

Performance mufflers/exhaust can help.

What happens when you follow the reprogramming instruction?


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The procedure for programming the remote can be found here:


Welcome aboard.



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