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Starting problems -- Off Topic, Bravada


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I'm posting this here in hopes KHE or anyone with GM experience can help.

My brother has a 2003 Bravada that has an intermittent starting problem. It had worsened to the point that the engine will occasionally die when hitting a bump but we cannot get it to die by hitting the steering column.

The shroud is off the column so the wiring is visible. It seems that if it won't start wiggling the wires will let it start but it isn't consistent so that may be misleading. The wires that seem to let it start one time may not be the ones that seem to let it start another time.

Steering wheel position does not make a difference.

When it does not start the dash lights dim and the tach needle ocassionally jumps. There also seems to be a quiet buzzing noise from the dash.

I've researched the recalls and this one doesn't seem to fit. Mfg'd 03/03.

Any techs who've seen or heard of this give me an idea. Thanks!

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This does not have that link. It is a different design. The switch is very close to the lock and is a different style switch.

The switch may get replaced tomorrow but I hate throwing parts at it.

I've been searching for an Olds or Bravada forum and none of them come close to the Caddy forums!

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Any chance the hot cable to the battery is grounding out? I had this happen on a car where he cable shielding had rubbed to the core on the steering column near the power steering pump. When I hit a bump or turned the wheel a certian way the car would cut off.

Just a thought.

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It will be interesting to see if that cures the problem. My neighbor has an older Bravada - a 1997, and I think he had to have the ignition switch replaced a year or two ago.

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It looks like it was the ignition switch. It hasn't failed since it was replaced.

The moving wires allowing it to start???? The only thing I can figure is the switch snaps in and has a little play, moving the wires may have moved the switch and let it get a little more contact.

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