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Thanks Johnny! Count me in for a bottle and the meet. I take it this stuff can't be shipped? Maybe a plastic jug would work. I'd be glad to pay for shipping and your handling if that could be arranged. That way I could buy cheap gas with a smile on my face. :lol:

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The container you see in the picture is plastic, I have several cases of it. It can be shipped, but it would need to go hazardous and packaged correctly. FEDEX is the only one that will do it right now, but it would need to go freight collect, since my company can't be responsible for those costs. Which is really the root of the problem.......I'll check with FEDEX, but I don't think HAZ can be sent freight collect to a residential address. Then of course the cost would probably be outrageous, one ground shipment of haz from our place carries a $25.00 premium!

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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